Dec, 1 2014Posted by Gary


Light the candles, fasten your bibs, grab a skewer, and prepare to feast on Agnellum. Planet Plow's second self-recorded and produced 4 song diddly-bop released by Gum & Tum Records.

As usual, you can download directly from our website or from SoundCloud.


The Node

Sep, 7 2014Posted by Gary


Introduce yourself to The Node. Planet Plow's first set of songs fully recorded and produced by Planet Plow.

Download the mp3s or stream on SoundCloud.

The Node

Gum & Tum

May 31, 2014Posted by Gary


While tirelessly working on our upcoming 4 song EP, Sir Tum and I decided to release our first self-recorded, self-produced song in order to whet your insatiable appetites and hopefully deter the inevitable chaos due to lack of Plow.

This also happens to be my drumming debut. Fuck yes.

Anyways, you can currently check it out on Soundcloud and download it from our song page. I'll probably upload it to Grooveshark too once I remember our account info.

Keep an eye out for Sucky and Sweet and a lot more recordings coming soon.


The Return

February 27, 2014Posted by Gary


We're back.



June 1, 2013Posted by Gary


Introduce yourself to Sepleptia, Planet Plow's first seven song, half-length LP/album recorded with Ian Thornburgh ( at Comprehensive Records.

We also put it up on Soundcloud, Grooveshark and all our other stuff (wherever it is). You can probably find another format or two on our songs page too if you hate mp3.

Stay tuned for some upcoming shows as well cause we might play some.


The Countup

February 25, 2013Posted by Gary


There have been rumors.

You may have heard that Dave, the heartbeat of Plow, set sail North across the Atlantic in search of the true meaning of tacos. Landing on a tiny island somewhere along the Greenlandic Coast where he occupied an abandoned caribou den. Spending months mixing harmonies with the majestic chorus of the baluga in the never-ending moonlight.

You may have heard that Thomas, The Beloved, stumbled into a wandering band of blind armadillo mercenaries who led him to the underground cities of the Eastern wasteland. He then started a high profiting revenge business trading fresh scalps for twinkies and fine, Egyptian rugs on the side. He eventually became king of the underworld and ruled for several ages atop his fluffy, twinkie throne.

You may have heard that myself, Gary, slipped into obscurity. Computing sonic mutations passed forth from the ancient guardians of the galactic core for hours on end. Losing site of all reality and fantasy. Clinging to a crumbling ledge of sanity and despair. Befriending a faithful Jellafont named Buttercup Spricklespracken who taught me to drink the sunlight with my morning toast. Rising to the highest ranks of the hopscotch circuit, accepting and defeating challengers from across the planet.  Then shattering both legs in a horrific ostrich racing accident.

All of this is true.

You may have also heard that Planet Plow is a charade.  A shell of some former symbolic ideal that probably never really even existed in the first place.

This is false.

In fact, the truth shall be unveiled in the very near future at the Catalyst Atrium on March 7, 0002013.

The Subtle Tease and Them Guns shall be in company as well.



An Evening With Planet Plow

November 7, 2012Posted by Gary


Sweeter than a gentle Autumn rain, more soothing than an apple cinnamon oatmeal bath, the sounds of Plow come whistling through the hills again.

Come down to Bocci's Cellar in Santa Cruz on Friday, November 16th and have a glass of scotch or a cordial conversation with the gentlemen of Planet Plow as they expose several new jingles never before heard by the human race.

Do not ignore your desires. This will surely be a night to remember.

The Plow is Back

October 5, 2012Posted by Gary


The long awaited return has come.

Planet Plow has officially escaped from the studio in order to get back to the stage where they belong. Bocci's Cellar in Santa Cruz, CA is the chosen site.

Raw Interview

July 25, 2012Posted by Gary


Planet Plow's first interview has surfaced and introduced everyone to a more intimate side of the band. The interview is from the Raw event in San Jose right after the booze kicked in.

The Plow will be taking a short break from shows in order to focus on writing and finishing the first album. Stay tuned for much more to come... and more.

Back to the Atrium

July 10, 2012Posted by Gary


Planet Plow is headed back to the Catalyst Atrium in hometown Santa Cruz, CA on July 19 where they will be crossing the streams with the swirly twirly Cape Sound and another band yet to be announced.

If you hate not being hungover at work on Fridays and/or you love to hear music that makes you question your existence, see you there.

New Stuff

May 23, 2012Posted by Gary

  • Plans to record the first full-length album in late Summer/early Fall 2012.
    Take a sneak peak at the album by listening to the result of another drunken recording. The song "Klaunz" can be found on Grooveshark, Soundcloud, or here.
  • New upcoming show at Don Quixote's in Felton, CA on July 7th. Planet Plow will be heading back to the hills to play at Mountainpalooza. Read more at Don Quixote's website.

Murder in '66 - Teaser

February 15, 2012Posted by Gary


It's Plow Time again. The crew is back hittin' the tracks on a quest to find a studio to record their first official album. In fact, they recently recorded a new song in 5 minutes of raw, unfiltered, unchastised, unlimited, unbelievable, taco pooping fervor.
Check it out on our Songs page.
It can also be found, along with the Ghost Owl EP recordings, on Planet Plow's Grooveshark page.
Scope It.

Henflings - Mar. 3 - Ben Lomond

February 15, 2012Posted by Gary


Take to the hills with Who's Holdin', Honest Mistake, and your very own Planet Plow on March 3rd at Henflings. Expect The Plow to be in rare vintage form for this Jellafont Jamboree.

Where'd the picture go!?

Catalyst (Atrium) Jan. 7 - Photos

January 23, 2012Posted by Gary


Check out the photos from the Planet Plow show at the Catalyst Atrium on January 7th taken by master photographer Caitlin McCarrick. 181 pictures of pure butternut squash plucked straight from the citadel of Sarkazio for your viewing delight.

Where'd the picture go!?

Catalyst (Atrium) Jan. 7

January 7, 2012Posted by Gary


Year of the Plow continues at the Catalyst Atrium tonight with opening sounds provided by ice age boosted beebop band Planet Plow. If your heads are still intact, be sure to catch 5150 and Archer after the Plow has completed the circle of time.

Where'd the picture go!?

Britannia Arms Jan. 21

December 11, 2011Posted by Gary


Come start the new year off right with your favorite space-punk band, Planet Plow, at Britannia Arms in Cupertino, CA. This Saturday night is sure to be full of some good old fashioned, drunken, angry, wholesome family fun brought to you by Purchase your tickets online at using promo code: PLANET454 and get $3 off before December 23rd! Don't miss all of your favorite Plow members: Gumbo, Chowda, and June Bug as they unveil several brand new songs that are guaranteed to provide the ultimate supersonic experience.

Where'd the picture go!?

Blue Lagoon Dec. 28

November 30, 2011Posted by Gary


Planet Plow will be playing the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz on December 28th with Attik Door and Drifting Compass. It's Whiskey Wednesday. Be there, be drunk.

Where'd the picture go!?

Welcome to Planet Plow

November 6, 2011Posted by Gary


This is the official launch of the Planet Plow website. It sucks, but so do you.